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What I've Been Thinking


Last week, our pastor was talking about raising children and how important it was to remember that, although we have been entrusted with them, they belong to God. It made me start thinking about Joseph, Jesus's earthly father. He was just a simple tradesman in carpentry, with a love for God and Mary. What must it have been like for him to know that he was raising God's son...that God Himself was sitting at his breakfast table? He was no one special, but God trusted him with Jesus' life, and with the life of the young girl Mary. When I am teased with doubts about how God can really be interested in me and my small life, I remember Joseph. All Joseph had was obedience...and that was all God asked. It was enough to influence the world for all time.


Hiding from God

I've been thinking about my sweet kitty, Abby, who has been gone now for 5 years. We had her for 20 years and she lived with us in Mississippi, South Carolina and Florida. She often stretched out in the sun on the screened porches of those houses, but it wasn't until South Carolina that we restricted her to only the porch and never outside alone. Shortly after we moved to South Carolina, Abby managed to escape our porch. I didn't realize she was gone for a while and when I did, i walked the street calling as Don searched in the backyard. Our neighbor did not like cats or dogs, and between our houses there was a stand of trees that attracted animals. This was where our neighbor was known to set traps, to insure his domain was animal-free.